Pacific Gateway Annual Report

Pacific Gateway publishes an annual report of its key performance measures.  In addition to annual numbers, Pacific Gateway develops and distributes monthly reports on various measures.  This information is collected and analyzed by Pacific Gateway's Data Manager, Dawn Swann.  For more information, please contact Erick Serrato, Deputy Director/Communications Officer, at (562) 570-3762.
2016 Annual Report
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WIOA Performance Data

Pacific Gateway is supported through Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds.  The purpose of WIOA is to make possible workforce investment activities through statewide and local workforce investment systems that increase the employment opportunities, employee retention, and earnings of participants.
In order to ensure that WIOA-funded programs are making valuable use of these public funds, WIOA tracks success through a series of performance measures.  These focus on three general categories of system participants:  Adults (a general category for all adults seeking employment services); Dislocated Workers, or DW (workers who have been laid-off or dislocated from their employment); and Youth.

2016 Performance Data

The following tables encapsulate performance data for the 2016 Program Year (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016).  For a list of our Performance Data from previous years click the link above.


  Actual Performance Rate Current Negotiated Goal Success Rate

Entered Employment

68.0% 51.5% 132.0%
Employment Retention 88.0% 77.5% 113.5%
Average Earnings $13,731 $14,000 98.1%

Dislocated Workers

  Actual Performance Rate Current Negotiated Goal Success Rate

Entered Employment

78.0% 61.5% 126.8.5%
Employment Retention 84.0% 82.5% 101.8%
Average Earnings $20,642 $17,300 119.3%



  Actual Performance Rate Current Negotiated Goal Success Rate
Placement in Education or Employment 
70.0% 72.0% 97.2%
Attainment of a Degree or Certificate 95.0% 60.0% 158.3%

Literacy and Numeracy Gains

84.0% 54.0% 155.6%
Performance Data 2015  2016 (PDF)
Performance Data 2014  2015 (PDF)
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