Policies and Bulletins

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Information Bulletins

IB14-15-02 On-Line Training Restriction

IB14-15-01 2014 Self-Sufficiency Update

Previous Bulletins

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Policy Memoranda

WDB-34 WIA Training Expenditure Requirements
WDB-33 Selective Service Registration Policy
Selective Service Policy
Who Must Register Chart
WDB-32 On-The-Job Training - ARRA National Emergency Grant
Attachment A -Fiscal Authorization Form
Attachment B - Agreement Form
Attachment C - Placement Form
WDB-31 DOE Earmark Incentive Policy
Attachment A Incentive Tracking Receipt
DOE Incentive Matrix
WDB -30: ARRA – California Green Jobs Incentive Program
Attachment A Incentive Tracking Receipt 
WDB -29A - Work Experience Policy
Work Experience Agreement
WDB -28 Customized Training
WDB - 27 - Needs-Related Payments Policy
WDB-26 Youth Follow-up Policy and Services
WDB-25 Management Information System Data Reporting for WIA Youth Programs
WDB-24 Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
WDB-23 Rapid Response Guidelines and Procedures
WDB-22 Veterans' Priority
WDB-21 Incident Reporting 
WDB-20B Youth Incentives
Attachment A - Incentive Criteria
Attachment B - Incentive Tracking Receipt
Attachment C - Program Criteria Form 
WDB-18 Supportive Services Policy 
Attachment A - SS Matrix
Attachment B - Check Request Template
Attachment C - Supportive Services Log
Attachment D - ISS 08-10
Attachment E - Customer Budget Summary
Attachment F - Supportive Services Request Form
Attachment G - Childcare Form
Attachment H - Supportive Services Tracking Form
Attachment I - Visio Work Flow SS Diagram
WDB-17 Five Percent Low-Income Eligibility Guidelines
16 Follow-Up Services and Follow-Up
WDB-15 ETPL Denial, De-listing and Appeals Processes
WDB-14B On-The-Job Training
Attachment A - Fiscal Authorization Form OJT Reimbursement 
Attachment B - OJT Training Agreement 
Attachment C OJT Placement Form 
Attachment D OJT Site Monitoring Report 
WDB-13A Audits and Audit Resolution Policy
12 Youth Participant Disciplinary Policy and Procedures
WDB-10 Records Retention
WDB-09 Management Information System Data Reporting
WDB-08A Individual Training Account Policy (ITA)
WDB -08A - Individual Training Account Policy
WDB-07 Oversight and Monitoring
WIB-06 Priority of Service
WDB-05A - EO Non Discrimination
WDB-05A - EO is the Law
WDB-05A - What to Do
WDB-05A - Discrimination Complaint Form
WDB-05B - Reasonable Accommodation 
WDB-05B - EO Summary
WIB-04 Self-Sufficiency Standard
WDB-03A Procurement Policy
Exhibit B RATP (Word Document)
City Manager Form
Exception to Policy
WDB-02 Property and Equipment
WDB-01 Policies and Procedures Guidelines