Pacific Gateway helps connect job seekers to training opportunities throughout the year.  Training varies widely, but is typically related to areas of the economy that are showing growth where it is more likely that the training will lead to a good long term job.
We partner with local community colleges, technical schools, and employers to develop training opportunities that are meaningful.  As with all resources available at our career centers, training is made available to help job seekers who are looking to gain a new skill or credential that will help them secure a job or make a necessary career transition.
The first step in accessing training is to have a conversation with a Program Specialist at any career center.  They will help you understand how training is made available, and the role you play in helping to determine what training you need.
In addition to individual training, we periodically secure funds from the State and Federal government to fund additional special employment programs.  A Program Specialist can let you know if these opportunities align with your individual career plan.  If it’s a good fit, the Program Specialist will assist you in enrolling in these programs.