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We organize our Youth Resources in 3 major areas:  Get Educated, Get Experienced, and Get Employed.  We've categorized them this way to help you utilize our services easily.  For information regarding our new and exciting social media plan or information on how to contact us through twitter and/or facebook click here.

Get Educated

Whether you need your high school diploma, GED, you're thinking about college, or you feel you're looking for tutoring.  You can find the help you need to reach your education goals, right here at the Youth Opportunity Center

Help set attainable goals with Mentoring and Counseling and achieve success.

GED and High School Diploma Programs Enrollment Assistance

Academic Assistance

College Preparation and Referrals
Obtain information on colleges and training programs and explore the different opportunities available.


Get Experienced

Employers want you to have experience.  When you're ready to enter the job market come to the Youth Opportunity Center and we'll help you get the skills you need to find employment.

Volunteer Opportunities

Gain valuable work experience and an edge toward job opportunities.

Work Experience/Internships
Get experience working at one of many participating businesses.  You can network and build your resume at the same time.
Vocational Training/Job Training Classes for Credit

Find training for your specific career choice.


Get Employed

Come to the Youth Opportunity Center to begin your job search.  Take advantage of our services, check out our great job listings, visit our resource center, and let our intuitive staff help you build your resume and interview skills.

Our Hire-A-Youth Program connects you with the skills and information to get part-time, full-time, and seasonal employment through numerous employers.  Come to the Youth Opportunity Center to access assistance and referrals to companies currently hiring.

Job Opportunities
Gain access to current and up-to-date job opportunities with local businesses.
Resume/Application Preparation
Learn what goes into writing a good resume and how to fill out a job application.
Job Interview Skills Assistance
It's essential to perfect your interviewing skills in order to land a great job.  Receive insight that will help to prepare you for your next interview.



Information through Facebook

Like us on Facebook to get updated information on jobs, programs, and news around the Hire-A-Youth program.  Post a comment or question about finding or preparing for your next job.
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