Adult Services

Pacific Gateway provides services to thousands of adults each year through two career centers.  These services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers.  The first step in connecting to the best possible job is to meet with a Program Specialist, or utilize the Resource Center at one of Pacific Gateway's centers.  

Job Search Assistance 

Many job seekers have a strong sense of what job they are seeking and have relevant experience in their chosen field of work.  For these individuals, we help them find the right job opportunity by providing access to computers and office equipment, tips on effective job searches, help in uploading resumes and responding to job postings, as well as labor market information to help identify what areas of the economy are growing. 

Skills Development

There are a number of skills development workshops offered to help you prepare for your next job.   These workshops include resume development, writing and math skills, information about career change, computer skills, and other helpful information.  For a calendar of workshops click here.


Pacific Gateway provides access to training in specific areas to help individuals gain the skills they need to secure their next job.  While funds are limited, opportunities are still available.  To find out more, ask to see a Program Specialist.

Additional Resources  

There are a number of services we either offer ourselves or can direct you to from among our service partners.  We can connect you to the resources you need to complete training, make the most of your job search, or address other issues that are preventing your successful re-entry into the workforce. 
For more information about our services please call (562) 570-9675 or toll free at 1(800) 292-7200.