Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity (RICO) Project

Alternative Fuels

Pacific Gateway was recently awarded funding from the California Workforce Investment Board and the California Energy Commission to continue its work in the Alternative Fuels Sector in Southern California.  In partnership with the Orange County Workforce Investment Board, Pacific Gateway will explore ways to help this burgeoning industry sector develop further, such as ensuring employers have access to skilled workers, and that barriers that could hinder the sector’s growth are addressed.  Pacific Gateway will partner with the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), a leader in this area, to develop a 16-month strategy for growth in key areas.  Support from Long Beach City College will help the project develop responses to possible skills and education gaps among workers in the sector. 
These efforts, one of only six such projects funded in the State, are a continuation of the organization’s leadership in the Alternative Fuels Sector.  To access past research in this field, click here
Click here to view the power point of the July 29, 2014 Alternative Fuels Presentation
For more information about the Alternative Fuels project, please contact Erick Serrato at (562) 570-3762 or by email at