Customized Training

Customized training is training that is specifically designed for your business.  Employers who are looking to fill positions that require specific skills or certifications typically use this training to meet that need.  We cover 50% of the training costs in most cases, making it affordable for you to train and hire a new employee. 
Our Business Assistance Team will work with you to design the right training for your business. As part of this service, we will ensure that new hires and trainees are pre-screened and vetted to your specifications, and can assist you in making the final selection.
Some examples of customized training include:
  • Training new factory workers to use special equipment
  • Nursing assistance trained to work within specific environments or special roles
  • Helping new hires prepare for and pass certificate programs germane to your business

Here's how it works:

  • We’ll work with you to determine the required skill sets of your position, training needs and duration.
  • Your business may provide the training or we can assist you to select a training provider.
  • We’ll work with you to plan and coordinate recruitment efforts as necessary.
  • We provide qualified candidates for you to interview or we can assess program eligibility of the people you identify – you select the best candidates.  
  • Prior to the first day of training, we’ll need to:
    • ​Verify your business license, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and W-9
    • Develop and sign a Customized Training Agreement 
  • ​Reimbursement is typically paid at the conclusion of training and hiring process.

As a regional resource, Pacific Gateway has made those industries most important to Southern California its top priority for investment..  No matter what your training or hiring needs are, we will work to find a no-cost or low-cost solution for you..  We work closely with community colleges, universities, adult schools, chambers, cities, and economic development partners to ensure you will have access to the right tools required to succeed in your industry.