Job and Internship Questions

1. What is an internship?  An internship is work you do to learn a new skill, or gain further knowledge in a specific industry.  You usually work under a supervisor who is there to teach you valuable skills.


2. What is a job?  A job is work you get paid for, and is not necessarily designed to build your awareness of a specific career.


3. Will I get paid in an internship?  Most of our internships are non-paid.  Although, some of our internships come with a stipend.  Ask a Youth Specialist if you need more information.


4. Can this internship turn into a job?  It is not guaranteed, but many students have turned their internship into a job.


5. Why should I get a non-paid internship when I can do the same job for money?  Often, internships are in job settings where a young person is not yet able to land a job (ex: hospital or law office).  If your priority is to earn money without work experience, then a job is a better fit.


6. What types of internships do you provide at the Youth Opportunity Center?  We provide internships anywhere from customer service to design firms.  We can help you decide if there is a particular place you'd like to work or a career you are interested in.  We try to supply you with every opportunity available.


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