January 12, 3PM

HR Insider Series:

Résumé 101 & Applicant Tracking Systems
Learn the ins and outs of how to write an effective resume that works for you. These days, playing by the rules of Applicant Tracking Systems is the only way to get past that first door of opportunity and ultimately land an interview. Tune in to learn how to step up your resume writing and online applying game.


January 20, 3PM

HR Insider Series:

Interviewing Techniques & Strategies
You've successfully gotten through the application process and now you have some real skin in the game - it's time to interview. While interviewing is always going to be a challenge, calm your nerves by learning how to prepare and give your best every time. This webinar will give you proven techniques & strategies to help you feel ready when the time comes to wow your interviewer(s) and hopefully get to the offer stage.


January 27, 3PM

HR Insider Series:

Negotiating Salary & Closing the Deal
Congratulations - you've successfully navigated through the application process, nailed the interview(s) and landed an offer! However, you got low balled or weren't offered the full benefit package you hoped for. Don't fret, as this webinar will give you proven ways to successfully negotiate the offer you deserve. Join us to learn how to get what you want and close the deal.


February 3, 3PM

LinkedIn Masterclass:

A Recruiters Guide
The LinkedIn Masterclass: A Recruiter's Guide is a webinar taught by a master user and will consist of an overview of LinkedIn – what it is, how to use it and why – including step-by-step guidance and direction on how to create a LinkedIn profile, how to use this professional networking platform, and a live demonstration of the features and functionality.