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If your business needs eager, pre-screened and qualified local youth, Youth@Work is the ideal hiring solution.  Youth@Work prepares young people for the workforce by providing readiness training, personal enrichment training, and other services to help meet your needs.  We can help you:

  • Identify the right young person to hire seasonally, part time or full time, and provide helpful hints on managing young workers
  • Train and mentor youth to become valuable members of the workforce
  • Access special subsidized employment programs
  • Set up internship opportunities for career-minded youth

Our program will cover the youth’s wages, and they will provide your business up to 160 hours of their time.  There are other requirements we can help you meet to ensure that the experience is meaningful for the youth and effective for your business.

Call Karla Corona at (562) 570-3681 to get started.

How to Sign Up for Youth @ Work

Signing up for our Youth Jobs program is simple.  As an employer, fill out this application and specify your type of business and employment needs.  For any questions, contact Karla Corona via email or call (562) 570-3681.