Business Workshops and Resources


Layoff Aversion and Rapid Response

We coordinate Layoff Aversion and Rapid Response Assistance services in a timely and proactive manner.  Layoff Aversion services connect businesses to resources to help prevent the laying off of workers.  When downsizing is unavoidable, we ensure a seamless strategy for your affected employees through Rapid Response activities. For assistance, call Jennifer Angeles at (562) 570-4705.
Our confidential and free layoff aversion services assist vulnerable businesses by quickly linking them to economic development assistance and resources to aid in retaining and strengthening their operation. 


The HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) program provides federal contracting opportunities for qualified small businesses located in distressed areas. These contracting preferences go to small businesses that obtain HUBZone certification in part by employed staff who live in a HUBZone. The HUBZone helps to foster the growth of these federal contractors as viable businesses and, for the long term, helps to empower communities, create jobs, and attract private investment.  Are you in the Hubzone?
For more information, contact Seyed Jalali at (562) 570-6172

Retail Sales Tax Incentive

A Long Beach program available to a business for the period of time necessary to offset construction or improvement costs to a new expanded business and is not to exceed 15 years.

Site Assistance/Permitting

The location of your business is a critical decision that every company faces.

Business Loans/Financing

The City sponsors various loan programs to help businesses get started and grow. By making money available, business owners are able to create jobs and stimulate growth within Long Beach - making the city better for everyone.