Seeking extra hours of work? Need vetted local labor?

Work Long Beach is a collaboration of public agencies and providers in the City of Long Beach. Focusing immediately on childcare, we are working toward a broad, empowering, market for hourly labor. It will be under local control.

Work Long Beach uses a sophisticated online labor market, developed in British government programs. Funded by state and national philanthropies, Long Beach is the first in the nation to have the platform. We have accelerated our launch because of the Coronavirus emergency.

Work Long Beach is a public resource for all Long Beach residents to better manage their work/life balance and employers to gain access to a wider pool of qualified workers.  Use the information on this page to become familiar with the platform and maximize your benefit!

My employer just started using Work Long Beach to manage our schedules. I used to get tons of calls about my availability every week, always hoping I would get offers that matched my schedule. Now that we use Work Long Beach, I only work during my preferred hours and scheduling doesn’t take up any of my time."

I already have a day job, but I’d like to find extra work on the evenings my kids don’t have extracurricular activities. It seems to change every week so I normally find it impossible. Now I can use Work Long Beach to fit around my crazy schedule or even pick up last minute work shifts.”

”I have a mix of daytime and evening classes that make it very difficult to secure regular employment. I use Work Long Beach to let employers know my reoccurring availability and the work I’d like to perform. Now I get enough work hours and I never have to worry about keeping school a priority.”