What is WorkLongBeach?

  • WorkLongBeach.org (WorkLB) is a new virtual labor market designed to benefit workers and employers in any sector that utilizes flexible scheduling (a variety of shift times). The fastest growing segment of our workforce, an estimated 1/3 of California workers rely on flexible labor opportunities in retail, healthcare, hospitality and many other sectors. 
  • WorkLB is a public benefit, hosted by Pacific Gateway Workforce Partnership, Inc., a non-profit of the City of Long Beach Workforce Investment Board.
  • WorkLB gives workers access to personalized employment opportunities every week, with complete control of their schedule and other job preferences. Employers have complete access to the region’s labor market with high visibility on worker skillsets and availability.
  • Unlike corporate gig-work platforms, WorkLB cannot subsidize rates to grow from infancy to critical mass. Stakeholder relationships are pivotal to ingesting the large numbers required to get the platform into a state of momentum. Regional partners and advocates are required to ensure registered workers find job opportunities.
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has temporarily shifted WorkLB efforts to focus on redeploying furloughed childcare professionals in order to provide in-home childcare to working families.

How WorkLB serves local workers during COVID-19:

  • Helps working families avoid unhealthy or risky decisions by providing a trustworthy and flexible solution for childcare at home during school closures, including support for special needs students. 
  • Provides recently displaced childcare professionals with a flexible platform for securing work opportunities in client homes.

WorkLB is different than for-profit booking sites:

  • NOT-FOR-PROFIT: Childcare administration in WorkLB is facilitated by Skills4Care, a Long Beach-based nonprofit affiliate of Cambrian Home Care which has a long successful history of providing in-home care services.
  • LOCAL REDEPLOYMENT: WorkLB helps local, recently displaced professionals pay their bills until their facilities reopen. Many were employed by community-based organizations like school districts and the YMCA and not accustomed to independently marketing their childcare services to the general public.    
  • EMPLOYEE STATUS: Childcare professionals in WorkLB receive a living wage and are employees of Skills4Care, not independent contractors.
  • PUBLIC-HEALTH ORIENTED: All childcare professionals in WorkLB are more than vetted (Live Scan) and experienced; they are CPR-certified, screened for COVID-19 upon registration, and provided with instruction on COVID prevention and best practices. WorkLB professionals are required to contact their clients and confirm a positive health status one hour prior to arrival.
  • FLEXIBLE: WorkLB even helps parents who work from home with the ability to book small blocks of uninterrupted time for store trips or meetings. 

Registration and Payment:

  • Parents may register for free as clients at: www.worklongbeach.org 
  • Services are provided at competitive market rates.
  • Currently there is no state voucher, subsidy or otherwise free provision of in-home childcare, however Pacific Gateway is in advocacy.
  • Parents are required to use PayPal to load funds into WorkLB prior to booking.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts may be used to reimburse for childcare services in WorkLB.

Contact Information:

  • Please call 562-294-4500 to get help registering or for more detailed questions about services.