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Pacific Gateway Youth

Pacific Gateway’s Youth services are offered year-round and connect you with the skills and information to get part-time, full-time, and seasonal employment with numerous area employers. Youth services focuse on part-time jobs and internships. Come to the Youth Opportunity Center to learn about how to get started, and review a list of companies currently hiring.

Long Beach Pathways to Justice Careers

Long Beach Pathways to Justice Careers is a free service for students (16-21) at least two years away from receiving their High School diploma or equivalent.

Receive 100 hours of Paid Work Experience in:

Fire Department

Police Department

Law and Legal Careers

Emergency Services

and other Justice and/or Emergency Response fields

Gain access to:

Summer Work Experience:

Gain 100 hours of valuable paid work experience and earn $12 an hour.

Youth Justice Academy:

Get the opportunity to discover a variety of careers in the Justice and Emergency Response fields.


Connect to caring professionals who will provide you with support and guidance.

Visit the LBPJC Mentor page to learn more about how you can make a difference in a young adults life.

Work Readiness Classes:

Learn valuable skills needed to succeed in a professional environment.

Case Managers:

Receive support with achieving your education and employment goals, and any additional supportive services.

Click here to sign up to the Long Beach Pathways to Justice Mentorship Interest Form

For more information contact Reza Perl via email.


Youth Jobs

Earn an average of 100 hours of paid work experience that will help to build upon your resume and serve as a career pathway.

Youth Jobs helps prepare you for the workplace. The service is specialized to help you find and hone new and desired skills. Youth Jobs is partnered with Centro CHA, United Cambodian Community (UCC), KRA, and the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) to give you the best possible opportunities.

Youth Opportunity Center

4811 Airport Plaza Dr. Ste. 120

Long Beach, CA 90815

For more information, check out the Youth Jobs Q&A.

More information is available at the Pacific Gateway Youth Facebook page here.


How To Sign Up

Signing up is easy.  Come to the Youth Opportunity Center to learn about how to get started, and review a list of companies currently hiring.  In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Be 14-24 years of age
  • Live in Long Beach, Signal Hill, or the Los Angeles Harbor Communities
  • Register online (We can help you with this part, or you can access on our home page)
  • Have a willingness to work and learn

Come in to the Youth Opportunity Center Monday through Friday.  Our friendly staff will be available for your questions.


The Long Beach Internship Challenge

 A summer or year-round internship can bring real value to your future. Real-world work experiences can help young adults develop valuable workplace skills such as communication, collaboration, ethics and professionalism that today’s employers demand.  If you are a student and would like to submit an internship interest form visit Long Beach CALL, or call (562) 240-8820.


Job vs. Internship

There are a lot of differences between an internship and a job.  Typically, an internship lasts only weeks or months, and is focused on completing a specific project or gaining particular skills.  A job, on the other hand, is year round, and is paid.  There are other things you will want to consider in deciding what is best for you.  Visit the Job and Internship Questions Page to get a better understanding of the differences between these two.